Tailored Company Assistance
from problem to opportunity

The tower

Our vision finds its inspiration in the Sint-Rombouts tower of Mechelen. This tower reflects the political and economic flourishing of the city in the 14th century. It should have been the highest tower (167 meter) of Europe but after decades and generations of building, they ran out of money. Still the citizens of Mechelen from then and now remain proud of their “failed” tower. With its 97 meters and its characteristic shape it represents the symbol of the city, is a beacon in the landscape, a monument that again and again survived fire and war and defied time.

Naturally the tower also plays a part in the nickname ‘De Maneblussers’ (=’moon extinguishers’) which the citizens of Mechelen bear with pride. They got that nickname after they tried to extinguish the moonshine which seemed to put the tower on fire. Since then they often call their tower cherishing ‘de zot’ (the “crazy”). So the citizens of Mechelen are as crazy of their tower as Crazy4Logistics of logistics!

Our vision

With a view of this past of Mechelen, grew the vision as well as the logo of Crazy4Logistics. The tower stands for the turning of a problem or setback into an opportunity. Despite its eventful history, the tower has solid foundations, a sustainable reliability and evolved into a clear success.

Also to companies the past and present do offer – despite obstacles or changes – a solid foundation for the future. In the itineraries Crazy4Logistics travels with companies Sustainability and Reliability form the basis.
So the mission of Crazy4Logistics is to turn together with companies problems or issues via creative and effective solutions in to sustainable success stories.